Membership in the association “VALLEY OF DEEP TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS – PLOVDIV” is voluntary. Members of the association must be related to the goals that the association sets for itself and the activities included in its subject of activity.
The acceptance of new members is carried out by decision of the General Assembly on the proposal of the Management Board, based on the written application submitted by the candidate. The application must be submitted to the Association’s management address or to the Association’s e-mail address:

All members of the association have equal rights and obligations. Each member of the association has the right to one vote.
The right to vote is exercised in person or through an expressly authorized representative.
The members of the association have the following rights:
– to actively participate in the activity of the association;
– to elect and be elected to its governing bodies;
– upon request, to receive information about the activity of the association and about the status of its reporting;
– to benefit from the property of the association and from the results of its activity – the created social capital of the network, as well as from the possibilities of collaboration.

The members of the association are obliged to:
– to comply with the provisions of the by-laws of the association, the decisions of the General Assembly and the Management Board and all internal acts with binding effect;
– to assist in achieving the goals formulated in Art. 2 of the by-laws;
– to protect the prestige of the association;
– to make the initial membership contributions specified in the statute.